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At the heart of our purpose is the genuine desire to create progressive products and advanced farming practices that sustainably enhance agricultural output.

At Introlab, we aim to create prosperity for our clients (both direct and indirect), our employees, and our shareholders. We are committed to achieving this by providing innovative solutions and exceptional services that deliver measurable value and positive impact for all stakeholders. We strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, integrity, and mutual respect and to make a meaningful contribution to the communities and environments in which we operate.


Where most people just see a plant and its produce, we see science in action. At Introlab, we are obsessed with the chemistry. The sequence of complex molecular events that unfolds before anything comes near a table. So while our clients think about the farm-to-table journey, we take care of the lab-to-crop innovation.

We apply science to create well-researched, cutting-edge biostimulants. Why is this our focus? Because farmers need safe and sustainable solutions to optimise yields, increase plant resilience and eliminate losses. We share the producer’s sense of urgency. And it has sparked significant investment in our state-of-the-art formulation plant, in-house research and development lab, and highly skilled human resources.


We specialise in and supply innovative plant nutrition products for local and international markets. In collaboration with international and national specialists, we develop and improve unique and innovative products that offer exceptional results and solutions to various challenges. Our expertise and advanced technology enable us to offer a wide range of quality products that meet multiple accreditation standards.

We believe Modern Agriculture is still farming. It is just farming done better with the help of our product range. The result? A safer, more sustainable way to put food on everyone’s table.



We are incredibly proud to be working with some of the most talented professionals in the industry. Our experienced team has a long-standing history of providing outstanding service and consistently delivers top-notch solutions for our clients. We believe investing in our employees through training and development will bring tremendous growth to our organisation and our clients.

Hendri Botha
Hendri BothaInternational Sales & Marketing
Erlank Kukkuk
Erlank KukkukNational Sales & Marketing Manager
Chelsey le Roux
Chelsey le RouxMarketing & PR Manager
Danie Muller
Danie MullerTechnical Sales Manager
Willie Kleinhans
Willie KleinhansTechnical Sales Manager
Christoffel Swanepoel
Christoffel SwanepoelOperations Manager
Janneman Groenewald
Janneman GroenewaldTechnical Sales Manager
Johan Viljoen
Johan ViljoenTechnical Sales Manager
Jacques Bredell
Jacques BredellTechnical Sales Manager
Jannes Mouton
Jannes MoutonInternational Sales Co-ordinator
Madeleine Heyns
Madeleine HeynsRegulatory Manager
Welmarie van Schalkwyk
Welmarie van SchalkwykLaboratory Manager

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