Introlab’s Presence at BioEx 2024 in Shanghai

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Introlab Pty Ltd is thrilled to have participated in the transformative discussions at BioEx 2024 in Shanghai!

As global demand for sustainable food continues to grow, the agricultural biostimulant and broader biological sector is at the forefront, leading with innovative solutions. From breaking free from traditional chemical methods to embracing regenerative farming practices, we are shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future. At BioEx, we explored market-driven innovations and strategic plans to promote soil health and agricultural sustainability.

Introlab was delighted to have experienced unparalleled hospitality and cultural immersion at#BioEx2024, thanks to AgroPages.

From insightful client exchanges to impactful networking, the event truly reflected the essence of Chinese traditions and business ethos. With 1500+ attendees from 40+ countries, it’s evident that BioEx is a hub for the industry. Here’s to fostering sustainability and efficiency in agriculture!