Xcell Biostimulant Launch: Bloemfontein

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From Brazil to Bloemfontein, our journey has begun!

We are excited to share the launch of our Xcell Range and the beginning of our local tour. Our first destination was the stunning city of Bloemfontein, where we were thrilled to be joined by our long-standing partner, Bayagro.

During our time together, we delved into the immense potential of our Xcell Trio and explored topics such as sustainability and the future of farming. These engaging discussions were complemented by infectious laughter, delectable cuisine, great company, and a captivating atmosphere that added an enchanting touch to our gathering.

Our Xcell Trio, consisting of Maxima, Amino, and Boost, is a range of organic biostimulant products. These products unlock nature’s potential by enhancing plant growth, improving nutrient uptake, and boosting overall plant vitality. Join us on this exciting journey of sustainable farming as we strive to nurture our environment, protect biodiversity, and create a greener future.

Bayagro, our esteemed partner, is at the forefront of revolutionizing agriculture by harnessing the potential of plants and addressing global challenges. We are proud to support their quest for a sustainable and productive future.

Stay tuned for our upcoming tour stops in Western Cape, South Africa, Dubai, Italy, and Spain. Together, let’s spread the power of nature across the globe.

MC: Andries Vermeulen
Entertainment: Samantha Leonard
Venue: Warm Karoo
Decor: Grand Room Design
Sound and Visuals: Creative Kilowatt