Xcell Biostimulant Launch: Western Cape

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Celebrating a Remarkable Launch!

Our third Xcell Launch event in the Western Cape was an unforgettable extravaganza. We were beyond thrilled to welcome our esteemed client Nexus as we unveiled the revolutionary Xcell Trio.

The stage came alive with the sensational Elvis Blue, a true South African icon who serenaded us all with his captivating music. And adding an extra dose of laughter and entertainment was the multi-talented Pietman Geldenhuys, our charismatic MC who wore many hats, including his hilarious Scottish persona.

Amidst the enchanting atmosphere, we delved into the boundless possibilities of our Xcell Trio – Maxima, Amino, and Boost. These organic biostimulant wonders are nature’s gift to plant growth, nutrient absorption, and vitality. Our discussions spanned sustainability and the future of farming, inspiring us all to nurture our environment, protect biodiversity, and cultivate a greener tomorrow.

We’re excited to announce that our journey continues! Our fourth Xcell Launch will be in the dazzling city of Dubai! Stay tuned for more incredible moments and discoveries as we bring our passion for sustainable farming to the world stage.

Let’s nurture, protect, and grow together!
Photography: Anida van Rhyn
MC: Pietman Geldenhuys
Entertainment: Elvis Blue
Venue: Ashanti Estate
Decor: Grand Room Design
Sound and Visuals: Heinz Cruuys