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A wholesome meal.

The final step in an epic journey from farm-to-table.

Some hardly stop to think: Where and How?

However, in an ever-changing, demanding world, some people think about it constantly.

The farmers. The producers.

People like us, the scientists.

At Introlab, we are obsessed with the ‘How’.

It is a sequence of complex molecular events that unfolds long before any product comes near a table. We apply our knowledge and expertise to create well-researched, cutting-edge plant nutrition products. The kind of innovative solutions that optimise yields, eliminate losses and make us leaders in this field.

We share the producer’s sense of urgency. This sparked significant investment in our state-of-the-art formulation plant, in-house research and development lab, and specialised human resources.

So, while our clients think about the farm-to-table journey,

we take care of the lab-to-crop innovation.

The result?

A safer, more sustainable way

of putting food on everyone’s table.

Meet the team: Gareth Nel, Technical Officer

“Being a scientist is rooted in curiosity. Not just wanting to know, but needing to know, how things work and why things happen.” Gareth holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Microbiology. As a chemist, he is responsible for analytical instrument calibrations, method validations and maintaining the laboratory’s quality management system according to the ISO 17025 standard.

Meet the team: Welmarie van Schalkwyk, Laboratory Manager

“I am passionate about the laboratory here at Introlab, since we have the passion and potential to become a world-class institution.”

During her studies at Stellenbosch University, Welmarie initially started on a human life sciences degree with the aim to study medicine. Welmarie quickly realized that chemistry is her passion, and subsequently changed course, to obtain a PhD in Chemistry and Polymer Science.